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About Traditional Art / Professional Pe†er Damian Whale22/Male/New Zealand Group :icondark-and-beautiful: Dark-And-Beautiful
All Things Dark And Beautiful!
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New Zealand Birds
A new little video which took me a quite long time. Have a look and enjoy a very short 4K nature video
(4K only works on chrome somehow). 
Questions or criticism please write a PM or comment. Thanks!
:icondeibiddonz:DeibiddoNZ 1 1
Rediscovering your first Love.
Rediscovering my first Love.
At first glance this would look like I am talking about the romantic aspect of love. But I'm not. For me there is a difference between my first love in aspect to romance and the craft that I have come to love. Yes, I am talking about Art
To many, Art has many significance in their life. To me it is a reflection of your soul... a glimpse of the vastness of the universe that is within each person. Of course Art does not only mean the drawings or paintings or the illustration of something depending on the person's perspective. Music, Dance and even Words are art... everything is Art... everywhere there is Art. 
I have been away from my love for awhile now... now it's time to retrace my steps and rediscover it.
Rediscover Art.  Floating Heart (Red) - F2U! 
:iconeilegnav:EilegnaV 1 0
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I'll walk forever for you
autumn leaves are falling
so quiet
so peacefull
so lonely
Is that you on on the distance?
I wonder...
Is it just an reflection
Of my dream
My everlasting yearning
To walk with you
I'll try to reach
It seems so unattainable
So hopeless
Is it?
My eyes are closing
My heart is shutting
giving up
So close
But so far away...
Eternally I've been walking
Not in vain
But for you
This life
This never ending curse
Is tearing me apart
Like an wild beast
Like an million sharp blades
Through my heart
You are worth it
All of it
I shall rise
Over and over again
From this despair
Just so
I may be with you again
You are everything
Without you
Im nothing
:iconmiksux1:Miksux1 7 8
Aurora :iconshelbybecky:shelbybecky 4 0

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PeteDamian's Profile Picture
Pe†er Damian Whale
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
New Zealand
Independent vomit art. Being self-taught wizard, environmentalist, barefoot artist aspiring for the stars... creating paintings with dark, spirituality, philosophy and everything in-between. I'm going deeper and deeper, harder and harder, gettin' darker and darker. Spending precious time with easel, telescope and with a humpback whale "Kiwi" & ferns.
The power of youth is always on my mind. Mountains, fields, and ocean - truly my unwavering home. Feeling like I'm out of time... Welcome into my inner vastness world.


Make time for blue sky and sunsets. Make time for moon gazing and stargazing. Make time to appreciate the little simple things that makes life so wonderful.
Now I've realized that I will do *almost anything for Art, even if it's harm or uncomfortable for people's eyes. So I use my blood and tears for some paintings I create....
*by almost means that I NEVER sell my soul for money, trade talent on senselessness, also ban on perversion. I'm stand only for a depth, simplicity and freedom.
Cannot wait to share with you guys of my new world. It's coming very soon. More glitters and new symbols...
It's a good start of spring just to isolate yourself in place and creating... I'm so fucking happy doing my purpose of life and grateful for the power of ART. 🎨
The summer air by the seaside, the way it fills our lungs, the fire burns in the night sky, this life will keep us young yeah, keep us young....
Hey, guys! My sketchbook is full of new ideas, i drawing everyday sketches for the new paintings. Very soon I will start paint on canvas and when this spring comes I'll share with new art style, more into minimalism with light and dark-blue colours. Soooon, it's coming soooon... Peace out Xx hope y'all doing great as me does.
I still hesitating. It's like deep inside of me living two persons- Sylvia Plath who wants to kill yourself just to get free from responsibility and Jack Kerouac who wants to live fully and travel around the fucking world. And I don't know which part is win eventually.
Now I faced with seriously health issues, it's a fucking pneumonia. The first time, my lungs it hurts so bad damn. But I will make it thru, crawl back from this hell...
I'm embarked on this journey... my soul drifting away with them. This is my lullaby and it help me sleep tonight
I don't like public speaking, it gets me nervous, I stutter, stumble off like I've forgot what to say >.< I am a very silent person. And as Salvador Dalí said: "The artist, you're not an orator! So shut up and loans would better deal." smth like this is always get me thru.
We're all doomed and responsible for all the catastrophic climate consequences nowadays. Please watch & join:: 
Art isn't about putting pen to paper and drawing away, it's capturing the essence of true beauty, true colors & that's what I found in your eyes my forest spirit Liz...
“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” -John Lubbock
Her spiritual journey has completely changed the way I view my own life. Highly recommended to watch it: 
Full moon is a perfect time to work on paintings. Locked myself at the studio and fell into sacred creation proccess 🎨🎨🎨
Well, now I came to my homeland, just packed and cleaned in room and i found- albums of many many pictures from childhood. When i looked it, i started crying and felt so fucking sadness and nostalgic. My life now is completely changed, it's including job in hotel, trains, meet new people and wander places all around the world. I'm not complaining about my adulthood, I'm quite happy i guess but sometimes it's necessary to remember, remember some memories good or bad, whatever and just letting go but ughhh I cannot let go. I really miss my childhood.... when I was a carefree child, running in barefoot across the field and spending precious time nearby ocean, just stare up at the sky and waves, I've had a perfect life. The memories r so sweet sorrow... What happened? How did I lose it? it has passed so quickly! Anyway, I'm not gonna write a long post i swear, i just want to say that we're all need just live at the moment, appreaciate the present of our lives, every steps, every mistakens and every happiness inside. This time goes by so fast, fast-changing chaostic world around us, and I'm still need a time to learn how to let it go... Hope everyone does the same. Ehhh now I calming and thinkin about the little things that makes life great! Xx
Stepping your feet in the ocean is healing
embedded_item1490395863891 by PeteDamian                                              


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